It all started in a moment of sheer frustration. I was carrying one of those bags we all have - the ugly, mostly plastic, "re-usable" shopping bag that advertises a store I don't even like that much - and it split.

Everything went everywhere.

I thought to myself "#^*@&$!"

After calming down I decided to change the narrative and made a list.
I wanted a bag that:

  1. Is actually re-usable
  2. Made out of natural materials - absolutely no plastic
  3. Looks good
  4. Is not task specific
  5. Doesn't make me a walking billboard
  6. Takes up minimal space when not in use
  7. Is practical - washable, adaptable, adjustable and durable
  8. Is for everyone - whatever your pronoun or gender identity
  9. Makes you feel good whether you're running day to day errands, or you're adventuring on the other side of the world
  10. Is actually re-usable

This is how our bag was born. We wanted to create something that was both practical and beautiful.

Let's reduce waste and look good doing it.


Bukuro Bag Company is a line developed and produced at Succubus Studios in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Established in 1996, Succubus Studios has primarily been producing high quality costumes and props for the TV and Film industry.

We embrace the opportunity to create high quality products that can be enjoyed in the real world.