card holder

card holder


Our Leather Card Holder. No more losing your card holder at the bottom of your bag, or having to store it in a pocket that is a pain to get to. We’ve attached a D-Ring to it so it can clip on to one of our keystraps (it will fit alongside your keys if you want to use just one strap) and it will always be safely attached to you and easily accessible for you alone. The pockets are offset so you can differentiate your cards and makes them easier to take out.

The outer leather is a slightly softer leather than the Latigo we use for our straps, but the interior leather is the same. You can have all black, or pick one with a contrasting colour that matches the leather we use for all our leather accessories.

Length (including D-Ring): 4 1/2”
Width: 2”
Depth: 3/8”

Note colour may vary slightly from screen to screen.
Please allow 1-3 days before shipping as we try to ship in batches as we are a small operation. Thank you for your patience.

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