large 3 pocket pouch

large 3 pocket pouch


Our large zippered triple pocket pouch made from beautiful unique leathers.

Keep your change, phone or small essentials conveniently tucked away in your bag. There are three pockets, the one in the middle is zippered, and all three are closed with the two snaps at the top.

We’ve added d-rings to both sides so it can be easily clipped to one or two of our keystraps, you don’t have to worry about losing it in the bottom of your bag or accidentally dropping it. This is especially great for traveling, keep your valuables firmly attached to you, but because the weight is carried by the bags handle, it doesn’t look like you’ve got anything in your bag.

If you need the pouch and not your bag, unclip the keystrap(s) and turn it into a wristlet! You can use our 15” strap as a single loop, or if you’ve got the 20” you can double wrap. The small and large work great together clipped on to the same strap.
It can also be used with out adjustable crossbody handle to be worn as a messenger style purse, both on it’s own or with two of our 7” keystraps attached to our small pouch.

It is important to us that we create as little waste as possible, so all of our pouches are made from the off cuts of our one of a kind leather bags.

Pouch Dimensions: 6 1/4” X 9”
Side Pocket Dimensions: 5” X 8 1/2”
Zipper Length: 7”

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