original handle

original handle


There are two handle material options. The first is leather which comes in five colours. It is all Latigo Leather with the exception of the bright red which is equine.
The second is a vegan option which is a cotton webbing and comes in black.

Each handle has two D-rings on either end for your bag to loop through. There are three attachments points for attaching a key strap, bottle holster or the ‘not just a blanket’ carrier. Two are placed on the inner side of the handle, and one on top.
The leather will soften over time but will not stretch a considerable amount. Natural marks, blemishes and slight colour variation should be expected.

Length: 19 1/2”
Width: 1"

Note colour may vary slightly from screen to screen.
Please allow 1-3 days before shipping as we try to ship in batches as we are a small operation. Thank you for your patience.

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